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Polar Dış Ticaret Ltd. was established in 1992 and entered its 31th year. We are especially active in and thus contact with construction (bridges, tunnels, dams, highways, railways, oil platforms, ports, stadiums, subways, airports, high-rise steel buildings, etc.), machinery industry, petro-chemical plants, cement and paper factories, natural gas cycle power plant, industrial projects such as iron- steel facilities, wind towers, iron-steel stockists by supplying high quality first class steel products in high value-added carbon, alloy, stainless quality groups in accordance with project’s, customer’s specifications and international norms.

Our company has a dynamic structure that grows every year. We are actively working in projects abroad as well as in Turkey. As a requirement of today’s globalized world economy and Foreign Trade, all import, export, Transit Trade and Stock shipments are carried out. An average of 40% of our annual sales up to 100,000 tons are our overseas transactions. In general, our product groups can be summarized as flat and long products, pipes and fittings, valves, prestressed strands and wires, ground anchors and bolts, pumps, post and prestressing systems.
Our understanding of providing the best service and conditions without sacrificing quality, the experience gained in 31 years and many domestic and international projects served, the professionalism of each of our employees in their own fields, the wide supply range observed in very few companies, the technical capacity to offer alternatives to customers, not just material supply, and ” know-how, fast and high quality service, accurate and complete documentation, control during production and loading stages, after-sales service and guarantees, competitive transportation and customs clearance opportunities, and being able to provide service in any desired delivery method and on-site, regardless of where in the world. Our quality management system, which is formed with the accumulation of knowledge, and our producer-importer identities of stockist-representative-consultant-trade-exporter-railway and geotechnical systems are the factors that ensure Polar’s continuous development and guarantee its future.
In addition to stock services providing from the warehouse in Gebze region in Turkey, we also continue to our activites with approx. our 5000 square meter closed area warehouse in Essen-Germany. The purpose of stock establishment in Germany, which has been operating under the name of MEBA Steel GmbH since 2002, is to provide more effective service to the German and European domestic markets, to increase our consolidation opportunities for the projects served, to increase the export volume, to increase the growth rate by improving the company structure. In both our Istanbul and Essen warehouses, there are approximately 10,000 tons of high quality carbon and alloy steel plates, profiles, angles, flats, angles, square bars, ready for immediate shipment. Besides industrial, energy, transportation and structural steel domestic projects that we serve, we are mainly active in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, UAE), Turkic Republics (Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan) and Balkan countries (Bulgaria, Romania, We are working with Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina, vigorously).
It is an inevitable fact that besides participating expo, conference, international presentations, it is necessary to supply part of projects from stock to catch tight deadline dictated by technological development with reasonable price and quality in steel industry. Therefore, in addition to our extensive range of alternatives from rollings, domestic and international stocks in Istanbul and Germany, as well as in Italy, Germany, and Austria, which we represent, allow us to make flexible and fast programs.
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Our understanding of providing the best service conditions without sacrificing quality, the experience gained in the past 31 years, and many domestic and international projects we have served, the professionalism and technical knowledge of each of our employees, wide range of products can be seen in very few companies.

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Our Sales Team

Esin İşkan Afatoğlu

Sales Group Manager
MSc. Civil Engineer

Serdar Mümin

Logistics Manager
Business – Economics and Administrative Sciences

Işıl Demirel

Export Manager
MSc. Metallurgy and Materials Engineer

Tuğçe Taşeli Açıkgöz

 Domestic Sales Manager
MSc. Metallurgy and Materials Engineer


Kübra Altundağ

Sales Engineer
BS. Civil Engineer

Onur Yurtseven

Technical Sales Engineer
BS. Metallurgy and Materials Engineer